How much is student accommodation

Different students have different choices. Some students prefer to live in open places like big university halls, big private halls, big rooms etc. Some students want to live alone like in separate rooms, in separate apartments etc. It’s totally a student’s choice that which type of accommodation he/she wants. The students choose the one which is up to their choice and also affordable by them.


In order to do uk property investment, there are some factors which should be considered. The amount of accommodation also depends on such factors. The factors include your institution, your course, food, clothes and bedding, your transport and travelling, telephone calls and yes, of course your entertainment. .

Average cost

Average cost which is calculated in the year 2013-2015 is as follows:

1. At least £8,354 for tuition fee

2. £709 for travelling

3. Approximately £1,070 is for buying equipments, books etc

The above mention cost is for the students which are studying in England. Every place has different criteria and student accommodation does depend on such factors.

The above mention article is about how much is it to buy below market value property? It includes some factors which cannot be ignored. These factors affect the accommodation prices.